4 Best LMS Software for Online Teaching

An LMS is the ideal tool to create and administer online courses, host a virtual classroom, assign homework, and monitor student progress.

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is built to support blended learning curriculums that mix self-paced learning and instructor-led online teaching.

Automated grading eases the burden of assigning homework, while detailed reports and student analytics allow teachers to uncover which students need help and which courses need to be improved.

Though the free version of TalentLMS has no storage limit, it only supports up to five users and 10 courses, making it an option for only very small classes.

Customers Feedback about TalentLMS

  • Great reporting functionality
  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible to different teaching or learning styles


2. Thinkific

Thinkific is nonetheless an option for teachers who want to set up a place for their students to learn from home.

Thinkific courses support a variety of different content types (text, video, quizzes, downloads, discussions), and teachers can customize their courses to fit their curriculum needs.

Customers Feedback about Thinkific

  • Highly customizable
  • Intuitive course creator
  • Helpful support


3. Schoology

Schoology combines instructional tools, assessments, collaboration features, and advanced analytics into one comprehensive LMS platform.

Teachers can browse community groups to leverage free resources provided by other instructors and integrate external tools and games into their courses using Schoology’s app center.

Customers Feedback about Schoology

  • Easy to communicate with students and parents
  • Integrates with a lot of other educational tools and platforms
  • Intuitive calendar and shared lesson planner


4. Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to create classes, distribute and grade assignments, and send feedback to students.

Teachers can augment their classes through free apps that integrate with Google Classroom

Customers Feedback about Google Classroom

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Great if you already use Google products
  • Highly versatile


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